Soufflettes is a device that allows you to play with air and microphones.

Various objects (plastic or metal bottles, razor blades,
balloons, round batteries, small steel ball…) are set in
resonance, in movements or in minute vibrations by
stationary or manipulated air sources.
Microphones, used as indtruments, tap into the device, search the vibrating materials,update and modulate the sounds.

This device allows you to manually act not only on the air inlets and outlets, but also on all the components involved. Thus everydays objects, bridges, frets, modulators of all kinds can be manipulated at will, while leaving them a freedom with wich we must play.

An audio mixer and a compressed air mixer pass the buck.

Breaths turn into resonances, frictions into polyphonic
materials, vibrations into complex rhythms.

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Audio extracts: